.​.​.​and then one day we die

by Ciati Conlin & The New Invisible Scarlet Daughters of Imhotep

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Ciati Conlin & The New Invisible Scarlet Daughters of Imhotep are proud to announce the release of the latest venture, ...and then one day we die.

Swoon as you lovingly decompose to the title track
Thrill to the cheerily apocalyptic adventures of The Time Travelling Fetus, despair to the tale of Our Life in Concentration Camps (Pts. 1 & 2), prepare for a journey in the unknown on the Symphony Sing-Song for Son of the Time Travelling Fetus, and settle in for the ride as you are related the story of unrequited love in Pretty in a Wistful Way.

Yes, 25 minutes and 50 seconds of the above can all be yours for the low, low price of 7 dollars, so hurry while supplies last and order your copy of ...AND THEN ONE DAY WE DIE!


released April 18, 2011

Written, produced, performed, and directed by Ciati Conlin

Clancy Conlin; talking, tub banging
Papa Conlin: Mandolin
Alice: Barking, jingling
Mama Natali: talking
Ciati Conlin: baritenor ukulele, electric ukulele, electric guitar, xylophone, tambourine, whirly-thing, plastic bottles



all rights reserved


Ciat Conlin Paris, France

My names Ciat; these are a few songs I've written for you.

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Track Name: ...and then one day we die
And then one day we die, we fly
so far away from our homes
or maybe we just lie and rot right there
we don't go anywhere,
anywhere at all

and then your skin will begin to fall and dissolve
'till it's all but a dream
your face will melt your eyeballs out
still you look so sweet and serene

they'll fill you're teeth with chemicals
and rills'll flow with your remains
what a beautiful life, what a wonderful wife
says an old man who never knew your name

so let me hug this sack of fat and blood and kidneys and bones
let's press our teeth until they meet
what a feat to be never alone

and so I'm a bitter, twisted old bastard
and you're a haggard old crone
well wasn't it worth it at least while it lasted
what a feat to be never alone

and then one day we die,
we fly
so far away from our homes
oh! what a feat it would be,
what a fate for to have to be never alone...
Track Name: Our life in Concentration Camps, Pt. 1
when the war is over
gonna be a writer
gonna go to spain and France
gonna tell the world all about our
all about our lives in concentration camps

oh my dear you know i'm diein'
i have just a few days left
goodbye sister, goodbye mother
i'll see you when we're all at rest

i will walk with you to your death
angora sweaters, christmas trees
mother loves you more than you know
digs you tunnels full of bread and peas

airplanes droning overhead
each night my death I fear i'll meet
starving children walking the streets alone
empty shoes and headless feet

she spends all her time looking out the window
maybe things'll be alright
not as optimistic as she seems
she can see the end in sight

cold emaciated brittle bodies
lines like soldiers in their dreams
buried by the hundred thousands
life is nothing so it seems

bergen-belsen, scaly potato baby
rumbly tummy, three-legged head
shine a golden blue-green fire lantern
how i love the sun she said
Track Name: The Time Traveling Fetus
The time traveling fetus so squirmy and soft
Set out to save us from what it had wrought
The world torn asunder how blood did adorn
The bodies and bridges and spluttering horns

Screaming and weaning from its mother's breast
Wriggling and tickling all insider her chest
A clanking machine fits all over her girth
As it hurtles through time to prevent its own birth

And now we're downtown back in '72
All the kids lookin' round with nothin' to do
They're stealin' and dealin' and drinking goats blood
It's so awfully easy, it's so hard to be good

A man and a woman, a boy and a girl
Meet in the streetyard as banners unfirl
Gunfire erupting as they walk down the street
The kissin' and cuddlin' then they're on the backseat

But the time traveling fetus appears in mid-air
Catching them mid-coitus as they stop and stair
It pulls out a raygun and shoots him in the head
He crumbles like fruitcake, he's certainly dead

But here's somethin' strange and there's no time to spare
The fetus killed its dad but it's still floating there
It ponders about this as Mum screams and cries
this pile of dust here, it is the wrong guy

But the time traveling fetus it doesn't give up
it kills all her lovers before they can duck
But Mum's so depressed, full of melancoly,
she ties bricks to her legs and jumps into the sea

And now as she's drowning hands grab at her limbs
and take her away from a kingdom of fins
and when she awakes, well there's shells in her hair
and the King of the Mermaids is standing right there

But the Fetus is wiley and the Fetus is quick
and it quickly procures a blue-green submarine ship
It captures the King in a steel-cable net
and drops him on a trawler off of Bangladesh

And Mother goes into mourning for her sweetheart with gills
when a courtier calls her for the reading of the will
they meet at a strange mansion in off the deep end
as the executor calls order for fam'ly and friends:

"To my sons and my daughters I leave all of my swag
my starlets and rubies and monogrammed bags,"
and all the lights dim to an eerie aquamarine:
"To my wife I leave my secret time machine!"

And she travels right upwards and back down the track
trying to bring all of her dead lovers back
But the time traveling Fetus puts up quite a chase
So she travels to all different planes of space

She goes to the future for what she can find
Hoping to leave the murderous creature behind
She move to the city where there's shimmering bells
and flatcars and cymbals and xylophone wells

She works as a fishmonger by the creosote docks
selling old carcasses to reevers and hawks
no man'll touch her as long as she smells
of sturgeon and seahorse and starfish and smelt

But one day a boy comes, he's so awfully nice
And pretty soon mum and him break all the ice
They go out to dinner in vast flying pods
The fetus knows where it's going
it must be stopped at all odds

So one night as they cuddle on floor 572
Mom says "Let me change to a more comfortable shoe
The Fetus sees its chance hiding in the fake flowers
It hops out in front of him with all its powers!

But there's something familiar about this strange one
He's smiling and grinning as the fetus aims it's gun
"But wait," the man says, "please don't be so bad,
for I am your father and you are my dad!"

"Well how could this be?" the Fetus thinks to itself
"I slept with my mother, I conceived myself"
But before it can stop him, he laughs like a dream
And disapears inside his time machine

And the Fetus knows that there's but one thing to be done
He must find himself and the world will be won
But he could be anywhere, so the Fetus has a plane
so that he is never born it must kill every man!

So it makes a special bomb that only targets the "Y"s
and takes it and drops it on each stage in time
and just to be safe, blows up the sperm banks too
and just like that, vanishes into the blue

And now the women look up from the destruction was wrought
And considered perhaps that they're all better off
Doomed to extinction without any males
They set off to work for to rebuild the world

And down in the wreckage of a convenience store
A baby cries out, a child is born
His mother lies there, tuckered out and the lot
and the child he sighs for it was all for nought

For now think about this, the Fetus is gone
But now who can stop it from being born
But the boy has a plan to make things so serene
When he grows up he'll make an in-utero time machiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

Track Name: Pretty in a wistful way
Oh and she was pretty all in a wistful way
and she said take me to the city
and we drove 'till it was day

and I left her at the hotel
and never saw her again
and she left me standing empty
with a photo in my hand

and if I only were a man
then she'd love me too
as I watch all of her fellows
from far across the room

and we'd walk across the water
and we'd dive in in my dreams
and we could of had a daughter
in frocks and bluejeans

and the words they are too quiet
that she speaks into my tongue
and we lie naked on her bedspread
and she says I am still young

and I'm drunken in the gay bar
and she's getting drunk with him
and I sob onto the table
and dream of her again

oh and she was pretty
in that wistful way of hers
and I can almost her her laughing
as we tiptoed through the burrs

oh and when I forget her
well it'll never be too soon
but we could of bought a beach though
and cuddled on the dunes

well of course I don't love her
and why should I grieve
as she laughs with her stupid boyfriends
I grab my coat and leave

but oh she could be so funny
that I'd almost lose control
and if only she could love me
then I'd never get cold

now I'm driving from the city
with her photo in my hand
and I roll down my window
and drive into the sand

we could of run through the moonlight
we could of been so much
we'd go shopping on the weekends
and thrill at each others' touch

and I look once more at your photo
as you lay beneath that tree
and I crush it in my fist
and throw it into the sea

and I wade into the water
and the cold waves hit my eyes
and I crawl out empty handed
and lie on the sand and cry

oh and she was pretty
in a wistful way
and my life goes on without her
and I'll love her anyway

oh and she was pretty
in her wistful way
and my life goes on without her
but I'll love her anyway

and then one day we die
we fly
we cry
we blow away

and then we mend
we rend
we tend
and then
one day
we die again